Persuasive Essay- Extending School from 10 to 12 Months (Con)

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Good evening Board of Education, The Board of Education wants to extend the school year from 10 to 12 months. Students should not go to the school year round. Primarily, during the summer there is no air conditioning in the classrooms. Additionally, the students’ grades may suffer. Furthermore, they would not be able to have jobs. Primarily, school should not be extended because there is no A.C. in the classrooms in the summer. Having to A.C. in a hot classroom full of teenagers will cause many problems. One of them being that it will cause the teenagers to have health problems. For example Krenar had summer school and as he was trying to concentrate on the teacher, he fainted from all of the heat circulating his body, and all of the information going through his head. Also being in a hot environment makes it tougher for students to concentrate. The heat would cause the classroom to be a poor learning condition, for the teenagers. This would cause the students to do poorly, which would result in their grades dropping. It is said that when students are in a more comfortable and liked surrounding, they are more interested with what’s going on, and will be better students. Lastly, the classroom would be hard for the teacher to manage. To be in a room that is extremely hot, loud, and filled with teenagers that smell like sweat is a hard for a teacher to handle. The heat causes teenagers to be cranky and tired. That would only make them want to leave or complain. Some teachers would probably not be able to handle that which would only cause them to quit and for the school to loose staff members. As you can see, extending school would be taking a big risk with the students’ heath, which is why it should not be 12 months long. Additionally, the extension of school leads to the grades of the students to suffer. Did you know that during the school year teenagers tend to

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