Persuasive Essay: Cd Warning Labels

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ENG 3UI October 7, 2013 Should CDs have warning labels? : Parental Advisory Labels Can you imagine being told what you can and cannot say? Music artist experience this type of anguish every time Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics warning label is placed on one of their CDs. However, many parents feel that these labels help them figure out which CDs children should or should not listen to. Should the CDs sold in stores that may be considered “offensive,” have any type of warning labels on? I feel that music stores should keep warning labels also keep warning labels off of every CD with profanity in it. First of all, many music artists are against the placement of warning labels on any of their CDs. They feel that these labels will negatively affect album sales because their work will essentially be marked as being offensive or dangerous. When popular musicians such as Kanye West, Maroon-5, Drake, etc. make in store appearances, the sales are likely to increase drastically. If these artists are upset with the music stores over the fact that the music store gave permission to place warning labels on their CDs. Therefore the music store sales will diminish. In 1984, a group of angry parents and wives of politicians created the Parental Music Resource Centre (PMRC). This organization was responsible for creating the “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics Label”. Labels were created in order to alert the public of “the growing trend in music toward lyrics that are sexually explicit, excessively violent, or glorify the use of alcohol and drugs.” Is it not the parent’s job to research the music their children are listening to before giving permission for them to purchase it? Parents need to take the responsibility for what their children are listening to instead of blaming the store owners. If parents research what their children are listening to, then there

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