Persuasive Essay About Marines

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Research Paper USMC Persuasive Essay “Some people wonder if they have ever made a difference in life, the Marines don’t have that problem” (Ronald Reagan). With the economy getting worse and now with even less jobs, joining the Marines is the best decision if you are joining the military. The Marines instill responsibility and respect, give you great benefits for you and your family, and they also have several job opportunities for people who like to expand their career. There is no greater accomplishment then becoming a United States Marine. The United States Marine Corps was formed in 1775 by Congress to conduct ship to ship fighting and security for the Navy, during the struggle for America’s independence. Since then the Marines have participated in several wars and conflicts to protect the United States and…show more content…
This could help you to get your college degree a lot easier and with no payment issues. You also get free health care for you and in your family, so if something happens to you or your family the Marines will take care of it without you having to pay all those hospital bills. After you serve at least twenty years in the Marines you are guaranteed 50% of your paycheck. So getting older may not sound like a bad idea, plus you can retire at the age of 38 if you wanted to. One thing the Marines have a lot of is job positions; they range from Infantry, Aviation, Electrical Technicians, Instructors, vehicle operators, band instruments, color guard, and even cooks. Some people think that if you sign up for the Marines you have to go into combat or become a soldier. This is not true; when you sign up depending on your ASVAB scores you can pick which job best suites you. Every two years while in the Marines you are allowed to change your job if you feel the need to. There are also new jobs being created every year to help with the growing of the
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