Persuasive Essay About Being Shot

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Being shot is one thing, but being brutally murdered is another. As a child I never thought much about how people were killed. I just remember it being a horrifying thing. When your little you never understood why people did such things. Still today you wonder why people would even think of doing this, but you hear people write stories and documentaries about it all the time. People of today don’t really think of murder as anything because they see it so much on T.V, but should it be that way? If one heard somebody was shot, they would not respond very dramatically, if one were to hear that someone was brutally murdered, it almost seems as if the world is falling apart. It’s funny that these two things are so similar, yet so different. That is what these two stories explain. Being shot happens so often, that now, when you hear about it, you barely even think twice. Yet we always feel so sad when we hear about those who are murdered, and beaten. It’s crazy because in both cases, people are still dying. So it’s interesting how in one case we would feel fine, and the other we would be very sad. In The Man he Killed, and The…show more content…
It’s really sad. We have to realize, whether we are watching the news, or just hear about anything like this from someone, to have sympathy for the families and friends close to these people who have died. It shouldn’t matter whether they got shot or if they got beaten to death, have an equal amount of support. We never know if it could happen to someone close to us, and we would want people to be there for us as a support system. These stories don’t really go into the aftermath of the families and such, but you can imagine how terrible it was for them to hear it. Realize that just one person being killed has a huge impact on many people. Imagine how many people die every single day of these things. So have a
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