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Persuasive Research Essay with Credible Sources Persuasive Essay The topic I chose for this essay is if all businesses should go green. Going Green may be the latest trend, but it is a trend with a variety of benefits for business owners. Applying green processes to the workplace creates a healthy environment for employees, reduces unnecessary waste and recognizes the role that businesses play in leading the way for social change. Five reasons for going green are number one, and the most important, our environment. People won’t be doing any business if there’s no planet to do business. Going green not only means assisting the environment in recovering from industrial damage, and preventing further damage, but also in helping to recover natural resources. The second reason is public image. No company wants to hold an emergency press conference on the evening news, defending themselves. Unsurprisingly, many companies have found themselves in that position. Environmental organizations such as Greenpeace have staged protests where they found companies using illegally sourced timber from protected forests. Going green will improve your businesses public image and set a positive example for employees, as well as boost morale and company loyalty. The third reason is your company will allow them to have lower operating costs. Improving efficiency and lowering costs can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. Any company can do this by installing energy saving lighting, heating and ventilation in your offices. This can significantly reduce your energy bill. A fourth reason why businesses should go green is that it can give the company credibility and a competitive advantage. Lastly it can lower taxes for your company. The government provides businesses with “green” tax credits and deductions. By upgrading your heating and air conditioning systems, you

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