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Mandatory Military Service Katreva Williams PHI-105 Grand Canyon University April 25, 2015 Persuasive Essay Mandatory military service is a conversation that many feel the need to look over because of the fact that are many people that are all for it and then you have many that are against it. It all boils down to the fact that this is a subject that may raises many issues. This is not something that is going on in the United States, but they have people that think that the government should consider it. This where the question comes in as are they really critically thinking the situation before considering this to be mandatory. This is not just any suggestion this very serious because this involves individuals as a person, this is a human being we are talking about. Each area should be considered before pushing an issue such as this. Better yet, before making it a law. Since mandatory military service may be good for some and everyone is not military service material, mandatory military service should remain a choice. Mandatory military service should not be enforced as a law because there are many that are not built for the military, they are not mentally ready, and may feel it goes against their rights ( Krebs, R. 2006). Mandatory military service is something that many feel that can be good for certain people. But, this goes beyond certain people. Once they consider and vote toward something as serious as mandatory military service it goes for everyone. There will be no pick and choose who deserve to go it will be for all. There are many other countries that force their people to go into service,

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