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Persuasive Essay- Why we should give back to our community? Giving one’s time and services to help others live healthier, happier, and fulfilled lives that without such services would not be provided is one of the noblest actions one can perform. Therefore, reasons why we should all give back to our communities are, positive health benefits, can help some to choose a career, and it can also help to save state funds. Besides feeling good about yourself for doing something for others, giving back is also good for your physical health. Volunteering is a great way to help others in need and to show one cares. Gaining health benefits from volunteering is even better. For example, research done by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) reports that people who volunteer are physically and mentally healthier than people who don’t. According to Volunteer Match Organization, more than 68% of those who volunteered in the past year report that volunteering made them feel physically healthier. In addition, 73% of volunteers feel that volunteering lowered their stress levels. Overall, volunteering in one’s community not only fills individuals with positive feelings of accomplishment it can also improve one’s health and even promote a longer life. Can’t decide what you want to do as a career? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to test a possible new career first? Quoted from Service Leader Organization, “Volunteering is a marvelous way to explore possible career options. “ It is relatively risk-free in that any can sample a work field or setting without making a long-term commitment to it. This allows individuals to discover whether or not they like the work or are good at it -- and if one discovers it is not for them, they can move on without disrupting their resume or cash flow.” Overall, volunteering puts individuals in a wonderful position to meet

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