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Persuasive Essay Society does not realize just how dependent we have become on electricity. There are many ways to produce electricity; such as oil, coal, and nuclear power. Rising prices of oil, dangers and destruction of the environment with coal mining make oil and coal power undesirable to the American people. Safety, reliability, and being low in pollution are three major reasons why society should consider and embrace nuclear power as the major source of power. Nuclear plants are not manipulated by stock markets, thus making them a safe cost effective form of producing energy. It would also take a person living next to a nuclear power plant for over 2,200 years before they would have the same radioactive contact as that of a person having a single diagnostic examination x-ray conducted. Nuclear fuel is also very inexpensive and easy to transport, compared to coal or oil. The coal industry has also endured many health issues due to mining, handling, and burning of coal. The United States burns an average of 18 billion barrels of oil a day. Nuclear power plants are reliable because they can operate an average of 545 days before they need to be replenished. Nuclear reactors run at 33% efficiency; which is higher than its coal and oil competitors which run at 32% and 24% efficiency. Over the last few years, the United States has begun to reutilize more than 115 metric tons of uranium in order to fuel nuclear reactors. Nuclear energy is man-made, therefore nuclear reactors can continue to produce energy longer than its limited sourced coal and oil competitors. Nuclear power plants do not burn fossil fuels, which make them a low pollution energy source. Coal contaminates the air while it is being excavated, shipped, stockpiled, and expended. We have also seen many oil spills over the years that have contaminated and endangered the natural environment. Oil

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