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Shanice Marquez English ll Persuasive Essay 2/2/14 Can I Get Some Fries With That Surgery Approximately one out of every three people in the United States is obese. It’s becoming a disease that has manifested itself throughout our country. As Americas we tend to be “short cutters” and I am ashamed to say that we inspired the creation of Bariatric surgery with are over-eating culture. According to health grades there are nearly half a million people that have endured this surgery due to sheer laziness, but with the rising number of this convenient surgery, do its benefits coincide with the purpose? What I’m trying to emphasize is why put ourselves at risk, purposely? Surgeons are skilled butchers, regardless of how good they may be, no one’s perfect. I have been puzzled about what factors are involved when it comes to being a good surgeon. I’m sure there pretty basic, but if me and another surgeon attended the same college and have dedicated the same number of time to the same practice. What gives him the right/respect to charge twice as much as me? Is it just as simple as practice makes perfect or is it more complex than that. After reading the experiment and the “Cut Well, Sew Well, Do Well?” articles I have seen some deep insight into this subject. On whether there is a big correlation between the surgical skill and higher mortality rate and/or reoperation or readmission to the hospital. Through reading and examining the graphs, I saw that throughout the quartiles (bottom, middle, and top), the bottom is always somewhat has a lot more problems than the top quartile. The skills were written on a 1 through 5 scale of how good that person was at a certain thing. Either the gentleness of the surgeon to the way they chose to budget their time. The ones with the lowest scores ended up on the bottom quartile of the bunch. The surgery that they were tested on completing

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