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Persuasive essay by: Have you ever heard of too much homework? The responsibility of high school students in today's academic society is exceedingly high. The students of America are flooded with homework from at least five different subjects varying on the courses that they are taking. One student alone can have up to five hours of homework in one day. This may also vary from the courses that the student may or may not be taking. The state standards are beginning to rise and to become more advanced in the lower grade levels. In schools today, grades as low as first grade may be flooded with homework and the rising of standards causing an up swell in the homework amounts. Homework is the type of practice that helps the student learn the objective or objectives that has been taught to them in class. This method of practice helps the student's learn the subject so that he/she may remember and understand the objective that they are being tested on. Although that homework may help the student learn and remember the objectives, the amount of homework given exceeds the amount of which it takes to help the student remember and understand the objectives that have been taught to them. If a student has an exceedingly amount of homework they may begin to become tired and rush through their homework therefore not learning the material. All that a student's need to practice on a subject is a few problems that cause them to think logically, and to slow down there thinking process so that they will learn the subject and not make silly mistakes. If the students are forced to think more logically then it will be easier to remember and understand the objective that has been taught to them in their classes. If a teacher gives up to an hour of homework per subject, then the student may have up to five hours worth of work that must be done at home. This amount of

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