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Crystal McGhee PHI-105 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving March 31, 2013 Morgan Denney Legalizing Marijuana There are many life-threatening drugs in America today. Most doctors prescribe some life threatening medicine that side effects are worse than the symptoms that it was prescribe to cure. Other life threatening drugs are illegal but are still populating around America. One natural herbal plant that is illegal, it is marijuana. Marijuana has many beneficial factors that should make it legal. Marijuana should be legal to provide revenue, minimize crime, and help with health issues in America. This rich new source of tax revenues nationwide would help lift the U.S. economy out of its worst recession in decades. Legalizing marijuana will create jobs as well as revenue. There will be hundreds of thousands of jobs as growers, dispensary workers, etc. Legalizing marijuana will raise the revenue for business tax. There will be many new businesses established to market marijuana. Just think there are many clothing stores, car dealership, and shoe stores, to add to the shopping world a few hundred or thousand new stores. The government would save an estimated $13.7 billion on prohibition enforcement costs and tax revenue by legalizing marijuana. (White, 2013) The revenue that it will bring will be amazing. Let us be for real in some states a pack of cigarettes cost $10 and that is with tax. If marijuana were legal and regulated, government spending would save an estimated $8 billion annually in on enforcement, including for the FBI and U.S.-Mexico border security. (White, 2013) Legalizing marijuana would greatly reduce the burden of America’s prison system on taxpayers. Police and court resources would be free for crimes that are more serious. Depriving criminal organizations of the enormous profits they reap from the monopoly on marijuana

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