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Persuasive Essay on Gun Control or Uncontrolled Guns Daryl Casey COM/215 February 1, 2012 Sheryl Brown Persuasive Essay on Gun Control or Uncontrolled Guns According to "Legal Information Institute" (n.d.), " A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (para. n.d.). There are people who believe strongly in each word of this amendment and then there are those who think its existence is troublesome. There is one person who believes “if all people carried a gun it would be considered a civilized act” (Caudill, 2010). Therefore, the question is do people really want a form of gun control or would it be a safer place with uncontrolled guns? Second and Third Order Effects If a person would sit down and think about the second and third order effects of all adults walking around with guns like the old west; they may see how this idea is just not feasible. The idea that being armed makes one safe might be valid; however, when everyone is armed the environment changes from safe to anything but safe. Every person desires to live in a safe place. To go and come as they please without regard to time of day, number of people around you or what neighborhood you are in. People want only to feel safe, whether they are out in public or in their homes. The idea for someone to enjoy these desires and wants, means they have to be armed with a gun is contrary to a civilized society. Right now the United States’ per capita crime rate for all crimes is “10,089 per 192,724,603” people (U.S. Department of Justice, 2009). This accounts for violent and nonviolent crimes. Arm people with guns and what use to be a simple pickpocket could escalate into a full-blown shoot out. Nonviolent crime would possibly decrease while violent crime would increase. If the

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