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Tre Rasmussen 3/30/12 Persuasive essay Welsh, English9 Period8 Persuasive essay Have people ever disclaimed you as an irresponsible, unpatriotic, and dishonest person? Many adults believe that teenagers and young adults are not patriotic, dishonest, and irresponsible. You hear them these days, “Oooh you see that one there. He is irresponsible and she is dishonest, and that group over there is so reckless.” I’ve heard adults say these things about kids they didn’t even know the kids they were referring to. But I believe that teenagers and young adults are patriotic, honest, and responsible citizens. Teenagers are patriotic because there are many of them who participate in many American focused school classes and activities. One example of this is that my first period class is JROTC, which is a leadership class that is paid for by Uncle Sam. (America’s military). Along with that, I fully support our nations military and its actions against its enemies. In JROTC, a couple of cadets and I went to “adopt a highway” and cleaned up the side of roads along 287 with no extrinsic motions. We did this for about 2 hours and really cleaned it up well. During our expedition on “adopt a highway” I was in so much of a flow that my group ended up with the most amount of gathered trash. Civics is another example and so is history in some areas. Teenagers and young adults are honest because we try our best to do all of our stuff and accomplish our tasks like we promise. I try my best to accomplish my goals and priorities. Sometimes I completely fail at it, but I try. At Mountain View, there are at least 3 kids in every one of my classes that are on the honor roll. Including this one. Speaking of honesty most of the people in this school are always truthful. I guarantee you that if you spent one day in the hall ways of Mountain View you would

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