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Although people believe that playing video games is addictive and harmful to children, I am certain it is not. Video games provide children with a unique learning environment. Playing video games is like playing a board game like chess or checkers. It gets your brain running and you learn things that you wouldn’t learn on a regular day with no video games. There are many other reasons why I believe video games are not harmful that will be stated in this essay. As of 2009, teachers all over the United States have been using video game sin their classrooms. They use them as instructional devices to teach children things like math, reading, and other languages. Video games provide a fun and social form of entertainment. Children are able to play with their friends and socialize while they play the games. As people master video games, their self-esteem rises and they learn some things about driving cars, piloting an airplane, and steering a boat. There are a vast amount of video games that teach subjects like history, math, and English. An example would be the game Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. This game asks questions on all the subjects you learn or learned in school. This game has become very popular in the United States and has come out on all the gaming consoles available. Other games like Brainiversity and Mathit are also great for learning and keeping the brain healthy. There are video games in witch you have to fight in World War one and two, or fight in modern war. These are the games that parent like to criticize the most. According to a pair of researchers at the University of Rochester in New York, such action video games train the brain to better process certain visual information. These games are not only about shooting and killing, you have to use think and do the right tactical moves to defeat your enemy. Studies have linked playing video

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