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Women In Combat I believe that women should be allowed in combat because they have equal rights everywhere else in this country, and if they want to fight for this country equally beside men, I feel they should be allowed. Women have proven to be equally as capable as men in everything else, and they have done fine. In other countries they are all ready welcomed in combat and fight alongside men. In, fact in our own military during recent times of war they have been in combat situations and persevered. I think that women in combat is more than okay, I think that it is overdue and shouldn’t even be in question anymore. Many people argue that woman are not physically as strong or as capable as men. However, there are women bigger than men and some men smaller than women. In fact, when it comes to arguments about carrying equipment or even wounded soldiers, some argue that inability may be more a function of size than gender, and that the capabilities of smaller men and larger women overlap.(MLDC 3) On, Kristin Henderson writes,” One of the first facts I came across is that most Soldiers have already concluded that women do have the physical strength, stamina and mental toughness to be effective in combat, according to surveys by the U.S. Army Research Institute.” Whether women should be in combat or not should be a question in the past. Women all ready are in combat. In the past wars, there were definite “front” and “rear” lines. Women were able to stay in the rear in support positions such as cooks, nurses, clerical, etc. Today’s wars are much different. In the Women in Combat Compendium (27), they state: ‘unlike the combat of the last century, the modern battle is asymmetric and noncontiguous: there are no front and rear areas. Thus, female soldiers are being exposed to combat, and in some cases direct combat, on a routine

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