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Persuasive Communication One has to consider that this is a serious mater, not only for the owner of the mine but for the men that are trapped in the mine. One has to consider that owner of the mines even though it was said that these mines were not safe the company stayed in business, even after it was reported of fatal accidents happen previous years ago. One also has to consider this is his way of life this is how he makes bread for his family. One has to have a safety route in case of an emergency like this, considering the families and how devastated thy are that there loved family members are stuck underground for this consideration one needs to b know that these people are devastated and want to know if they will be able to be rescued or even if they are going to come out alive. The role the miners need to take into consideration that they don't know much about the world above them, they didn't know they were going to be found nether less to be rescued. These men are in a very fragile state, we have to consider that they were going to perish so many miles down in the ground; they might have been scared and frustrated. The potential needed for the families would have to be straight forward but with a genital tone, Families have to understand that these are loved ones and can one knows that with the news people will be devastated. News like this never comes easy to let the loved ones that their father, brother, and husband are trapped in a mine. Devastating news is hard but being strait forward would be a good way to tell the families the reason for the addressing to them. One thing that should not be done is give people false hope, saying the news strait out is a good way, I know this sounds harsh, but give them the worst case scenario but in a nice and calm and assertive way. The need for the company employees would be professional, make it a way to

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