Persuasive Character Analysis - Mrs. Duvitch

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In the text “The Strangers That Came to Town” we are immediately introduced to character of Mrs. Duvitch, the wife of Mr. Duvitch and the mother of many children. The Duvitch family emigrated from an unknown country in Europe, and is now the neighboring family to our main character, Andy. Mrs. Duvitch is plagued with a skin condition and her sons battle many health issues. Because of the pretentious nature of the prosperous community on “Syringa Street” Mrs. Duvitch is looked down upon for her family’s indifference, as well as her immigration and financial statuses. Through this adversity however, Mrs. Duvitch exemplifies extreme character and fearlessness – qualities which eventually change the public’s perception of her. Mrs. Duvitch is a fearless nurse whose gift for healing further integrated her into the surrounding society. It is stated on page 15 in the text that: “The community presently had reason to be grateful for Mrs. Duvitch’s presence. It turned out that she had a great gift for nursing and was often counted on in severe illness, never wavering.” Acceptance by those around you is the true source of freedom, and as the individual members of Mrs. Duvitch’s community recess from judgment they learn about her skill and gentle nature signifying the positive impact she will make on their lives both as a nurse and a friend. Rooting from her shyness, Mrs. Duvitch’s delicacy and grace was apparent in both conversation and ailment. “Mrs. Duvitch was one of the only nurses in the area, and the nearest hospital was over 100 km away. She dedicated herself to healing and always, after an hour or two of her serene presence, the patient was calmed and comforted and the family reassured.”(p.12). In no way was she obligated to heal those who berated her for over two years of living on “Syringa Street” but still, her acceptance of others and their past behavior outshined

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