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Persuasive Assignment – Essay #3 In a persuasive essay the author feels strongly about his thesis. He states his thesis, gives support for his thesis, and also gives opposing views. A persuasive essay may differ from an argument because the conclusion includes a “call for action.” Write two pages of text (penalty for fewer than two pages). Include at least three supporting views and at least one opposing view. Use MLA style and remember the heading as well as a title. Topics: 1. You have teenagers who want to stay home during the summer, watching TV, hanging with friends, and playing video games. They will eat lots of food and leave the kitchen in a mess. Write an essay stating that youth should obtain employment at age sixteen during the summer. Please include details! 2. You want your teenagers to be healthy and form good eating habits. They are faced with school lunches laden with carbs and sugar. The clubs and organizations at school have vending machines in the halls of the school. The money made on vending machines helps to support school activities and sports. Write an essay stating that the school system should re-evaluate the food available to students on school grounds. Include related details! 3. You have a first grader who loves recess! The PTA just built a new playground at a cost of $12,000. It took several years to save the money. Several children have already fallen off of a particular piece of equipment. Write an essay stating that this equipment should be removed from the playground. Include details! Choose one of these topics. You are free to make up details for the scenario. The details you include will make your essay more passionate and believable. After all, you are persuading someone to believe as you do. First person pronouns could be used in this essay because I have made the prompts rather

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