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Persuading your audience Name University Course Tutor Date Persuading your audience Writing a persuasive article requires the writer to convince the reader using sound arguments. This is because the objective of such persuasive articles is basically to make the reader understand and consequently embrace the writer’s ideas on the subject matter as reflected in the article. This calls upon the writer to make his work understandable, logical and real. The reader should actually try to see the validity of your work (Eadie, 2009). For example an article on global warming and energy should make the reader first understand the meaning of global warming and energy, their impact on human health and environment and the long term consequences therein. While reading, the reader should feel as a stakeholder in the fight against global warming and energy loss. As far as this article is concerned, there are two main aspects involved. First, I will be presenting an article as a newspaper columnist and secondly, the article is scientific involving an environmental issue of global concern. This therefore requires a demonstration of professionalism on both sides, as a journalist and on the environmental aspect. To achieve this objective, there are various techniques used for a proper presentation of ideas and persuasion of the audience. These techniques function to strengthen the credibility and scope of the article from the perspective of the reader (Newsom, et al 2011). According to the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, there are three basic persuasive writing techniques, which are Ethos, Pathos and Logos. These therefore would form part of my techniques in my global warming and energy article. Ethos simply refers to the credibility or the ethical appeal as demonstrated by the character of the author (Eadie, 2009). As a

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