Persuaded Concepts Poem Essay

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My poem is called Persuaded Concepts. I chose this name because I wanted to capture the brainwashing that takes place from basically the moment you’re born, as shown in the line “We are brainwashed from the moment we see the glare”. The image I’ve chosen is an MRI scan of a brain. My poem responds to this by talking about the fact that even though everyone is supposedly “different” we still have the same thinking, the same thoughts and that’s because we haven’t really been given the chance to think for ourselves, and we’re constantly influenced in one way or another. The techniques I have used to create imagery are similes, such as in the line “Like sheep we follow the travesty we call man” and I compare the human race to a flock of sheep. Another technique I used was symbolism. I use this in the line “A mirage in the sandy desert” and I’m talking about equality. I also use metaphors in my poem. I didn’t intend for the audience to feel anything, but just to realize that most things are fake, and there’s nothing you can really do about it even when people say that they want to make a change in the world, etc. I believe the strengths of my poem were the techniques I used, and that I didn’t have many issues responding to my chosen image. My weaknesses were that I don’t think I used enough language features. Even though it seems like another clichéd poem and it seems really negative, I believe it captures reality and that’s basically why I wrote

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