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Scheduled Property Approval Questionnaire 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Customer Name:__michael barlettano___________________ Customer Address:__65 sussex st apt 1, jersey city, nj 07302________________________________ Customer Phone Number:_973-769-6266______________________ Date of Approval Request:__11/17/2010________ Name of CRC Supervisor who approved this request: _____olivia Jacobson-reighter_____________ 6. Please list all reasons why this policy is unbindable/requires prior approval. 7. Is this request due to an increase in value associated with a re-appraisal? (Y/N)____n______ If so, how much did the value of the item increase (% increase)? _________________________________________________________ 8. List each item to be scheduled along with its corresponding value: A complete list of all items and their values must be provided at the time this request is submitted. (If the supporting documentation lists out all items to be scheduled and their corresponding values, the rep may note “See Enclosed Documents” below. Also, please list the total value of the items to be scheduled below. _________engagement ring = $40,000 9. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________  All approval requests should include an appraisal which was completed on the appraising company’s letter head.  If scheduled property is a diamond an EFL or GIA certificate should be provided and attached to this completed questionnaire if one is available. 10. If applicable, how often is the item used or worn? 11. Where and how is the property in question stored? ______________ daily In house _______ 12. If fine arts, is the customer seeking breakage coverage?

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