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The theory of behavioral reasoned action states that individual performance of a given behavior is primarily determined by a person's intention to perform that behavior. This intention is determined by two major factors: the person's attitude toward the behavior (i.e., beliefs about the outcomes of the behavior and the value of these outcomes) and the influence of the person's social environment or subjective norm (i.e., beliefs about what other people think the person should do, as well as the person's motivation to comply with the opinions of others). (Bandura, A (1977) There have been arguring that people can learn new information and behaviorals just by watching people from different cultural group. The concept of perceived behavioral control is similar to the concept of self-efficacy -- person's perception of his or her ability to perform the behavior. Perceived behavioral control over opportunities, resources, and skills necessary to perform a behavior is believed to be a critical aspect of behavior change processes. Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) describes how people acquire and maintain behavioral patterns. It also provides the theoretical framework for interactive learning used to develop both Constructivism and Cooperative Learning. According to SCT, the learner acquires knowledge as his or her growing up. The environment that the person grew up with converges with personal characteristics and personal experience. When a person has a new enviornment they usually go on what they have learned Some of the problems that we have with people’s behavioral and social cognitive are: African Americans, Job hunting, social networks, Workers, Welfare reform, Unemployment, Men versus Women and Human

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