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Perspective Essay

  • Submitted by: jglander444
  • on December 11, 2011
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Tik... toc... tic... toc... pain pierces my side bringing me back to reality. The words “wake up” penetrate my ear from the cadet beside me who was kind enough to stab with with his pen. “Why?”, the word left my mouth before even realizing I said it. Wheels began turning in my head introducing thoughts that were never considered before. Thoughts about how much time was wasted on “pointless” things daily such as classes, commadant’s time, Honor and Respect, swim classes, and formations that seem to occur all throughout the day. “Glander,” as if re-entering the atmosphere I snapped back to reality to hear my teacher telling me why each daily thing we do is valuable. So, like any normal student, I zoned back out and politely continued nodding my head as if listening intently. All I could think about was the multiple hours of life lost to unnecessary things. “What would you do differently?” I asked myself quietly still acting intrigued by my teacher. The wheels in my head came to a complete halt. I suddenly had an “out of body” experience. I looked at the situation from another point of view and it changed my outlook on the entire meaning of daily life.
Is time spent on things we disagree with pointless, or does everything in life have a purpose? A career in the military requires many characteristics that the average person doesn’t have. Characteristics such as punctuality, obedience, loyalty, respect, accountability, trustworthy, and honesty are just a few that this school is forcibly sketching into our being. Sleeping, arguing with the teacher, or talking during the class are multiple ways students act out when they are in disagreement with the class. Intolerable would be the only word to explain these students actions. Each cadet needs to understand his or her place and obey the orders given to them by the school without adding their feedback on the situation. Classes that are seen as pointless to us have a point, to teach us obedience by following orders and...

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