Personnel and Hrm Essay

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1.0 Introduction The twenty-first century is coming marked by the knowledge-based economy. People have become the most essential resource for economic and social development. The management of personnel is of vital importance in the management of organizations and enterprises. Traditional personnel management (PM) can no longer satisfy personnel managers and its shortcomings cannot be neglected anymore. Human resource management (HRM) is born with the development of modern organizations under the context of globalization and growing competitiveness. It is regarded as a shift in focus and strategy for management of organizations (Doaei and Najminia, 2011). However, HRM is often confused with personnel management. In fact, it is originated from PM, but it enjoys competitive advantages which are adapted to the advance of times. Differences and distinctiveness between PM and HRM should be clearly distinguished for organizations to better recognize the importance of HRM. This essay aims to analyze to what extent is HRM an approach distinctive and different from personnel management to management of people in organizations. Firstly, it identifies definitions of HRM and PM respectively, reflecting on the evolution of managing people, and introducing concepts of PM and HRM. Then it analyses contacts and similarities between PM and HRM. Based on obtaining basic knowledge about PM and HRM, a detailed comparison between PM and HRM is made from their distinctive features and different impacts on organizations. Finally, a simple summary is concluded from five perspectives to clearly distinguish HRM from traditional PM. 2.0 Definitions of HRM and PM 2.1 The Evolution of Managing People HRM and PM all belong to the management of people. The First Industrial Revolution introduced the concept of people management, when factory owners began to consider the well-beings of
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