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Personalized Medicine Sylvia Whisenant Strayer University Dr. Meiko Thompson Introduction to Biology November 15, 2012 In 2003, The Human Genome Project was completed by the U.S. Department of Energy and The National Institutes of Health. The reason for this project was to identify the specific genes that caused common diseases. But with many diseases they found that it just wasn’t one gene, but many genes interacting (Personalized Medicine, 2012). The information they have gotten from doing this research can and hopefully will change the way people are treated for their diseases. These technology advancements launched genomic DNA sequencing which hopefully will be our medical future. The human genome is a blueprint of one’s own body. It not only has a hand in what we look like, but how we fight disease and if we respond to treatments or not (Personalized Medicine, 2012). This brings us to personalized medicine. What is personalized medicine? It’s tailoring the treatment to the individual, not just the disease. Today’s medicines save millions of lives every year. But what one person takes for the same disease that you have might not work for you. This is where personalized medicine comes in. Not only does your regular information matter, lifestyle, age, health, but so do your genes. Scientists are working to match genes with their response to specific medications. Once they find this information, then your treatment can be designed just for you (Staff, 2012). This takes a blood test that will put your genomes in sequence so they know what medicines will work and what wont. Thanks to the work of Pharmacogenomics Research Network and others, several pharmacogenetic tests are available. These tests can help doctors design the best treatment for patients with certain diseases like breast cancer. More tests are coming in the

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