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Personality Types Essay

  • Submitted by: MrsDenise
  • on November 7, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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Dawn Denise Freeman
Instructor:   Rochelle Kilmer
Week2 Discussion2
September 7, 2011

John Holland Personality Theory of Career Satisfaction

Identify and explain which of Holland’s six personality types relates to you the most? (Review Table 2.1 in Chapter Two for a list of personality types, characteristics, and matching careers.)  

I can identify with these four of the personality types:
Artistic is one of the first personality types I can identify with because I have a need to express my thoughts, ideas and dream s all the time to who ever is listening. I believe that art can help heal a person, by relieving stress through expression.   There is a since of accomplishment also when I am able to take something that no one else can find use for and turn it into something that could be useful to someone.
Investigative is the second one that I can relate to, the reason is that I am always looking for answers. I have always loved to do research papers in school. It is so much fun to be able to look up information and find out things that you didn’t know before.   I believe this is due to my mom’s parenting skills; she always told me to look up the information that I didn’t know and to always ask questions if I did not know the answers to certain questions.   I learned that not all answers can be found in a book, sometimes you have to watch people and ask questions to help solve a problem that you might have.
Enterprising is something that I didn’t really think I would have as a personality type because I am not good at selling merchandise, but what I am good at is getting other people to share their ideas, I love brainstorming with people, building projects from scratch with one another. Starting businesses and helping people find their calling in life. I never really liked jobs that are repetitive and there was no promoting
Social is the last but the most important one I feel because what good is all these personality types if I can’t interact with other...

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