Personality Traits Essay

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Our recent experience with the Learning Team assignment has made me realize how much our individual personalities contribute to the group. Each of us has a unique set of traits that help determine our strengths and weaknesses, setting us apart from the others. Taping into those strengths allow us to produce the best possible product in the least amount of time. A better understanding of each member’s personality type, listening skills, trust level, and emotional intelligence helps to quickly overcome communication barriers and allows us to better assign tasks. Our team started to build the charter before posting or discussing the results of our personality assessments. It became clear to me that our team fell evenly into three different groups. According to the three assessments we looked at (Robbins,2007), two of our members, Lynnelle and Anthony, were very strong, introverted personalities. They immediately took control, and naturally led our group. They were relatively good listeners, seemed to be knowledgeable, willing to research and stand behind their beliefs. Because they differed on other aspects of their personalities and in their tendency to trust others, they differed in their convictions on several points. This is where the next group added value. Danette and I were strong followers. Our extroverted personalities and willingness to trust others made it easy to help facilitate disagreements between the two strong personalities. I believe that we would make a great team, had we been tasked to complete additional assignments. Surprisingly, Latonia and Nikeisha’s personalities were much like Danette’s and mine. Perhaps it was their inexperience with teams or low level of trust in others that prevented them from offering much to the group discussions. As they stated during the forums, with more practice and exposure, they would feel more

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