Personality Test Essay

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2. Do you think that your test results are indicative of your personality? Why or why not? My test results are indicative of my personality. The test found that I am an INFJ personality. I agree that I am introverted and judgmental. I prefer interacting with individuals privately or in small groups. I have a small circle of friends and am a quiet person. I like to believe that I am intuitive and care about others. My friends, family, and coworkers often solicit me for advice in the personal and professional lives. 3. Would you want your work supervisor to have your personality test information? Why or why I would not want my manager to have my test information. I do not think introversion is an admired quality. While I am more comfortable being introverted, I have had to step out of my comfort zone to earn the respect of my peers and be a more effective leader at times. I would prefer to be judged by my behavior and performance rather than the results of my personality test. 4. What are some of the ethical issues re: a requirement for employees to take personality tests? My primary concern would be how an employer uses the results of a personality test. I do not think employers 5. As a supervisor, would you find it useful to have such information available to you and how would you use it? Though the test makes me uncomfortable, I believe the information it provides can be useful. The test can help pin point positive and negative qualities in individuals you may not see through observation and interaction. This insight can help you determine what skills and behavior you would like to nurture or discourage in an
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