Personality Reflection Essay

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Personality Paper In this paper, I will reflect how I define personality. Then I will explain some key personality features that defines me. Some key concepts that explain my personality. Explain if my personality features are consistent or do they change according to the situation. Describe a personality test that I have taken and my reaction to the analysis, and finally what I think would make a personality test reliable and valid. Personality is the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual. With these response patterns, it allows us to act in certain ways and respond to certain things in our lives. When a person acts and responds to these certain things, we can usually define their personality. Some key personality features that define who I am would be caring, efficient, outgoing, and friendly. How do I care about others? Well I my hardest to help others out. I want to make a difference in a person’s life. How I am efficient? I do not like to waste time. I like to perform to the best of my ability and I aim for my achievements. How I am outgoing? Well I believe this would definitely be my main personality trait. I love the outdoors. I am willing to try new things, but if it includes anything to do with heights, you can count me out. Last but not least friendly. I am usually friendly to everyone. The only time I am not a friendly person is if someone makes me mad, but that is not often. Some key concepts that explain my personality would be conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeable, and neuroticism. With conscientiousness, it means organized and reliable. Extraversion is outgoing and tends to seek simulation in others. Agreeable is compassionate and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonistic towards others. Neuroticism is more likely to experience such feelings as anxiety, anger, and
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