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Personality Development Paper Natalie Jones University of Phoenix PSYCH 504/version3 March 7, 2011 Introduction There are multiple factors which contribute to the development of the individual's personality. Many of these factors have been amply discussed in traditional theories of personality formation. An area that has been neglected in these discussions has been the role that poverty and ethnic and cultural factors may have in this regard. In my paper I will discuss these issues with special emphasis on cultural, immigration, and urbanization factors which tend to characterize the lives of Latino and Black individuals. There will be personality traits in urban areas as well as those coming from migrant families. It also reveals that some children in migrant and urban communities have personality traits characterized by insecurity, alienation, and anxiety, while other children can display resiliency and competence. It becomes obvious how cultural factors must have a significant influence in our behavior and sense of self, supporting the theory that environment is a key determinant in personality development. The Influences of Cultural Factors Cross-cultural studies of this kind are becoming increasingly important. They indicate that any final statements about the optimal conditions for infant development must take into account the actual circumstances in which children in different cultures live (Cole and Cole 2001). We often share personality traits with others, especially members of our own family and community. There were finding that older adolescents living in

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