Personality Development Essay

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Question1: What physical characteristics do you see to categorize people? Answer 1: There are several characters that people use to categorize others, but for me I think a good character for such judgments is the way a person is dressed, how people are dressed can tell you so many things about them, that’s why back in the days all countries decided to have a cultural dress for the nationals of the country as it says so much about them and gives them an identity or a belonging to some country, regardless of the national dresses; there are other sorts of uniform that are usually used to categorize people such as Hippies and the way they dress, Thugs and the way they are dressed, more over, uniforms also tell you so much about people such as uniforms of Firemen, policemen, maids or labor workers. Therefore the way a person is dressed would help me categorize enough about people as I can sometimes tell where they are from, that’s if they were wearing their national dress or what they work if they were obliged to a uniform and many other characteristics, you can also categories people from the suites they dress you can tell if you saw a man well dressed in a suite carrying a bag and walking fast that he is into some sort of business. Some people care so much about how they look and dress perfectly; which gives you an impression that they love to take care of them selves, others dress so clumsy or casual or dress to show off their brands or to show how rich they are. Therefore I think one of the best characteristics that are used to categories people as a first impression before getting to know the person is by the way they dress. Question 2: How can gestures or body movements be used to categorize people? Answer 2: Gestures can also tell you so much about a person for example 1- Sounds done by mouth i- Some people always answer using a weird noise they do with

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