Personality Analysis - Rose (the Joy Luck Club)

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This paper will analyze the character of Rose through Victor Frankl’s Logotherapy. In Logotherapy, the search for a meaning in life is identified as the primary motivation of human beings. It is based on the following philosophical and psychological concepts: Freedom of Will, Will to Meaning and Meaning in Life (What is Logotherapy and Existential Analysis). This paper will try to look at how Rose searched for the meaning of her life, how she was able to free herself from the internal and external forces that imprisoned her and how she was able to bring out the best in herself for the good of her family. Rose, the daughter of An-Mei Hsu, is married to Ted and they have a daughter named Jennifer. Rose always tries her best to please her husband and be a perfect mother for their young daughter. Rose is shocked when she learns that Ted has been having an affair with another woman and that he wants a divorce to move in with her. He even wants to sell their house. Yet after her mother tells her the story of Rose's maternal grandmother, who never knew worth until death, the formerly weak-willed Rose becomes determined to assert herself. When Ted comes for the divorce papers, she tells him that he can't just throw her out of his life. She fights for possession of the house and their daughter, and eventually wins her husband back (The Joy Luck Club, Answers.Com). The film shows how Rose has been “unfree” upon entering the marriage with Ted. From the very beginning, Rose has been struggling because of an “external force” that she cannot control. Her cultural background is a big issue to her mother-in-law. She is a racist and she managed to make it clear with to her to prevent her from marrying Ted. However, the opposite occurred, and they married after a few months instead. However, in their marriage, her love for her husband served as an “internal force” which caused her

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