Personality Analysis of Forrest Gump

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Personality Analysis of Forrest Gump in Forrest Gump ** **** ******** April 2014 Acknowledgements So many thanks to those people who have made great precious contributions for me to accomplish such a professional study and essay writing. Firstly, I would like to express my warmest appreciation and gratitude towards Mr. *****, my supervisor, whose remarkable suggestions and splendid critics made a majorly indispensible effect on the writing of this paper outline and proper paper. It is with her invaluable help and generous encouragement that the present thesis could be achieved in such a high quality as well as outstanding points. What’s more, I sincerely thank my classmates and friends including **, **, **, and ** and etc., who have helped me in these years of English study, and I do really appreciate my teachers for their professional instructions and patient guidance and insightful opinions that helped me a lot in the academic writing, especially they remind me of displaying the contents in a logical structure. From such an unforgettable writing essay experience, I have learned lots of practical techniques and skills very helpful for my future study. Finally, I deeply want to say "Thanks!" to my parents for providing me with love and supports to achieve the empirical study. The truth is that it is both of you that help me to finish such a great project in a comfortable and fabulous environment. Thank you, all you guys! I will sincerely remember your warmth and devotion! Abstract In the American film Forrest Gump, Forest Gump as the protagonist leaves us with a very profound impression through his legendary life. In the process of realizing his American dream, he presents a particularly vivid heroic image and reflects American traditional value and culture as well as the liberalism &

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