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Personality Personality refers to the geography that describes the history of an individual. It is a set of characteristics that a person exposes in the environment of interactions. Personalities are real and live, in terms of activities, thoughts feelings, and behaviors. An individual is susceptible to change according to social life, education, environmental surroundings, culture, religion, economic standards, and health lifestyles. These characteristics are essential for the individual's way of life and make a person unique. As mentioned above, human beings are susceptible to changes, these changes are the ones best explain what a person is. Many researchers have psychologically identified a person following changes which they have categorized as approaches. They include, "the psychoanalytic approach, the trait approach, the biological approach, the humanistic approach, the behavioral/social learning approach, and the cognitive approach (Burger, 2008)." Therefore personality what tell a person is in and out. Key personality features There are a number of personality features that define a person. These are; stubborn, competitive, intelligent, forgiving, loyal, driven, had worker, logic, truthful, sarcastic, caring, passionate, good listener, and well behavior. People view others differently than what they see themselves. For example, people see me as perfectionist, logic, harsh, intelligent, and competitive. On the other hand, some personality features that I know define me are systematic, motivating, helpful and caring. Many people have commented on me that I am helpful and generous. Others have said that I am professional in the way I talk about a subject. My dressing style also has contributed to others comment that I am a systematic individual. I can agree to some of these perceptions because they mirror my own

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