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Personality Essay

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The 5 big personality traits are significant to work-related aspects of personality.
But to first understand the personality traits we must talk about deep level diversity and surface level diversity. Deep level diversity is differences such as personality and attitudes that are communicated through verbal and nonverbal behaviors and are learned only through extended interaction with others. Surface level diversity is differences such as age, sex, race/ethnicity, and physical disabilities that are observable, typically unchangeable, and easy to measure.
People often use the dimensions of surface-level diversity to form initial impressions about others. Over time, however, as people have a chance to get to know each other, initial impressions based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, and mental or physical disabilities give way to deeper impressions based on behavior and psychological characteristics. When we think of others this way, we are focusing on deep-level diversity. Deep-level diversity represents differences that can be learned only through extended interaction with others. Examples of deep-level diversity include differences in personality, attitudes, beliefs, and values
Recognizing deep-level diversity requires getting to know and understand one another better. And that matters, because it can result in less prejudice, discrimination, and conflict in the workplace. These changes can then lead to better social integration, the degree to which organizational or group members are psychologically attracted to working with each other to accomplish a common objective.
We can examine deep-level diversity by exploring the five dimensions of personality. Let us stop for a second and think about our boss. What words would we use to describe him or her? Is our boss introverted or extroverted? Is our boss emotionally stable or unstable? Is our boss agreeable or disagreeable? Is our boss organized or disorganized? Is our boss open or closed to new experiences? When...

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