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Team effectiveness is related to the personality properties of team members. The assessment of the personality profile of individuals is an important step for understanding the effects of personality on team performance. My personality profile was created by analyzing the result from my answers on the questionnaire, presented in the handbook (The Big Five Locator). The analysis is based on the Big Five framework by Paul Costa and Robert McCrae. It contains five trait clusters: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and negative emotionality. In this report, I will discuss the way in which my personality profile is likely to affect team work (strengths as well as weaknesses).I will also use the hierarchical model of team member personality, discussed in Driskell article, to give a wider interpretation of the probable impact of my personal characteristics on my contribution to the group work. In addition, I will examine the results from the first workshop teamwork questionnaire (about task contribution and atmosphere contribution) and the results will be related to the assessment of my personality profile. The assessment of my personality profile is based on “The big five locator” questionnaire and it shows my score of the five key characteristics . On conscientiousness I scored very high- 21points , on openness, agreeableness and negative emotionality my score was average – 14, 13 and 15 points respectively , and on extraversion I scored quite low- only 9 points. My dominant trait is conscientiousness, which means that I am a focused person, who can also be described as “dependable, organized, disciplined, cautious and stubborn” (Buchanan and Huczynski, 7th edition, p. 199).. According to the score my extraversion is low, which describes me as an introvert person, who is “private, independent, reserved and who works alone” (Buchanan and

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