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Borderline Personality Disorder Jose Martinez, Fernando Millian, Esmeralda Whitledge, David Fisher, Donna Jahmaykah Blake, Christine Prescock University of Phoenix Advanced Abnormal Psychology Psych/515 Dr. Jorey Krawczyn 01/03/2012 - 02/13/2012 Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline personality disorder is a disturbance of the personality that is usually indicated through the depth and divergence of mood patterns that a person has. These variances in mood are usually found in those that are antisocial or paranoid and usually possess very erratic symptoms. These disturbances are usually prolonged throughout an individual’s life, most of the time being diagnosed in patients over the age of 18 but it has also been found in the years of adolescence. With a disorder that is prolonged throughout life, it has been found that most people that have borderline personality disorder also seem to have serious and sever anger issues that if left untreated can turn into destructiveness that could in terms hurt them and those around them. People that have BPD have also been shown to be very sensitive to the way others perceive them. Their feelings about others as well as how they feel about their-self may also waver causing them to be characterized as unresolved, preoccupied, or fearful people. This is important because attachment styles determine and describe how people deal with and handle relationships over a span of time. The clients name is Becky, 24. Becky attends a University lives at home with her father. Becky has offered to participate in a group/study on campus that may eventually lead to her overcoming her disorder. Becky displays typical symptoms of someone who has BPD (strained relationships over time, fears rejection, and being left along, and displays very impulsive behaviors). She believes that she must display a “false face” in

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