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Personality gets you through everyday life. People are chosen to fill job positions, be accepted as a friend, be remembered and be judged by the type of personality they have. A personality can vary in many ways, from dull to exotic. People with deeper feelings are usually accepted more often in society because who can deny a caring person. provides everyone with an online personality quiz that can help anyone see their personality at a deeper level and even give other people an outlook on their friends if shared. I.N.F.J. was my result which stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging, with judging at the highest at 25 percent. I.N.F.J. is the rarest personality type at 1 percent of the population. It consists of introverted intuition with extraverted feeling. Introverted is another word for shy. I have never been a very outgoing person and like to keep to myself. I only open up to my family and when I go to school, intuition takes over and I set my priorities high for myself. My number one priority is being successful with my field of study I have chosen. As far as feelings go I love my family and fiancé. They are the ones that have always supported me and I can open up to them and prefer not to speak to counselors. I also agree with the fact that my personality is judgmental. I do not criticize but I judge people by the way they look. Personality can also be seen in a person by the way they dress; it is not only your actions and verbal confrontations with society. My four letter result stands for being a shy, rational person that cares about surrounding society. I agree with the accuracy of this assessment because my surroundings include school family and work and without caring about any of those three things I would have a dull future. School will help with promotions and leading opportunities in the career field I have chosen

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