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Personalities After many years of interacting with people around me, I have reached a conclusion. People mostly are different from each other, how they would react to certain situations and comment on daily matters. The main reason and most important cause of their differences is their personality. In my opinion people are usually divided into three types of personalities; optimistic, realistic, pessimistic. People with an optimistic personality would make good friends. They never stop after failing or let negativity get to their minds. They just keep following their dreams and look at their failing attempts as a great experience. Optimistic people have a smile on their face almost all the time. For example, a few years ago I had a friend at my high school and he was optimistic. He was always happy and had a smile on his face. Once I got an exam result and it was 0 out of 15. One of my friends told me you won’t pass the course. However, my optimistic friend told me that I need to learn from my mistake and study harder. Then I will be able to pass the course. Unfortunately in Saudi community we have only a small percentage of optimistic people. People with realistic personality would make good business advisors. They are decisive and always take actions whether to continue or stop their business based on facts, neither on hopefulness nor pessimism. They don’t hesitate a lot, so their decisions are fast. For instance, my optimistic uncle started a business two years ago and after the first years he was on the red (no profit, only losses). My uncle had a friend, who was a financial advisor. His friend advised my uncle to stop his business and try to save what is left. If my uncle relied on his optimism and didn’t take his realistic friend advice, he would have lost all of his money. People with pessimistic personality should be avoided. They complain a lot and

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