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“A personalised induction will always be more effective” Discuss. In this essay I will describe what is meant by “personalised induction”, explore how a script can be written to incorporate personalisation discussing different theories and concepts, and discuss the validity of developing personalised rather than more general inductions. A personalised induction is a script that has been developed for an individual, taking into account their likes and dislikes, the way they perceive their world, and their modalities. The person’s cultural background, hobbies and interests, values and communication styles must always be taken into consideration, and a holistic approach should always be used. Hypnotherapy is usually delivered with the client’s eyes closed therefore the communication styles normally adopted are more difficult. Only 7% of our communication is verbal, with tone and volume being 38% and body language 55% (Chrysalis module 2), so words have to be chosen and used with care. It is important that the client is relaxed before any hypnotic intervention can begin and therefore the initial assessment and subsequent sessions enable the therapist to assess the persons preferences so they are able to use appropriate language and modalities to assist the person to relax. The brain is a powerful organ and the ability to imagine and experience what we are thinking about enables hypnotherapy to take place but can equally be a damaging process if the client imagines a frightening or anxiety provoking situation. For example, it would not be helpful to encourage a client to imagine diving in a clear sea if they are afraid of water, or walking through a summer meadow if they have hay fever. This ability to use the imagination to stimulate feeling can enhance the therapeutic process but can also keep people stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts and worries. Our brain

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