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Images of War Today is the day when all my training is put in to practice. Kill or be killed. I stand on the landing craft with the other men. They are like brothers to me, the only family I know in these harsh times. We are Brothers of war. We share the same beliefs; we are fighting this war to bring peace to the world again. The date is June 6th 1944, time 0630 hours. Our objective is to control Omaha beach and then, to go on and advance in to mainland France. The landing craft is crowded, I feel like I am a lamb being led to the slaughter house. My heart is beating a thousand beats a minute; it feels as though it could come out of my chest at any moment. The others around me look as white as sheets; I can see fear in their eyes. Some are ill from the sea, others through what is to come. The order comes in, only thirty seconds until the landing ramp is lowered. The commanding officer tells us to be ready, although it sounds more like a warning than anything else. Make sure we separate when we get on the beach as to avoid the fire power of the machine guns. “Don’t give them an easy target. “ He yells. This is it; I can feel the adrenalin pounding through my body. The ramp goes down, the sound of the bullets whistling through the air; men start to fall to the ground like flies. I must survive. I must get home to my own family. I climb over the side of the craft and in to the cold sea, it’s the only way to escape the death and mayhem. I gasp for air; the weight of my survival rucksack is pulling me under. I taste the salty water in my mouth; I go in to a state of panic, kicking my legs trying to keep my head above the icy water. It’s no good, I’m going further under. I manage to release my rucksack through my shoulders. I feel weightless, kicking my legs trying not to drown; I’m nearly at the surface. I gasp for the oxygen to fill my lungs again. The salt has left

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