Personal Wellness Plan

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NURS 143-002 Health People – Promoting Wellness Personal Wellness Plan (PWP) Part 1 Behavior Change Contract Behavior Change Contract According to the data I got about my health I am considering to change some of my health behavior. For some part I did great and got high score such as cigarette smoking and safety. But for the part of exercise/fitness I got only 2 point. After evaluate my lifestyle I do some research of my basic health. Height: 64.2 inches Weight: 103.87 pounds Recommended weight for height: 114.92 pounds Resting heart rate: 78 beat per minute Blood pressure: 96/71 From these data I deduced that I didn’t reach the criteria health condition, so I think I need to play more sports, choose nutritional food and start to sleep on time. Do more exercises can stimulate brain chemical that often leave me feel both happier and more relaxed. Eating a healthy diet as well as exercising can lead to better physique, so I may also feel better about my appearance, which can improve my confidence and self-esteem. Eating right and exercising regularly can also help me maintain a healthy weight. And we all know that sleep well can reduces stress and improves memory function. Moreover, getting a good sleep can reduce illness and disease. There are some personal wellness goals I hope to achieve. Eating: I will have breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. And eat fruit and vegetables every day to keep diet. Exercise/Fitness: I don’t really like playing sports. So, I can do exercise for 15 to 20 minutes at least three times a week, such as jogging, yoga and swimming. Sleeping: Go to bed before 11pm, and get up at 7am. For implement my personal wellness plan, I intend to start these activities from September 21, 2013 and evaluate my progress on October 21, 2013. There must be some barriers to achieve my goals of health. The most difficulty for me is to
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