Personal Values: Kudler's Fine Foods

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Running head: PERSONAL VALUES Personal Values Steven Stoddard University of Phoenix Personal Values Having completed the Williams Institute Ethical Awareness Inventory self-assessment (2009), I have concluded that my ethical profile most closely aligns with having a strong character followed by least aligning with equity. After reading in-depth the analysis of each I would concur that my personal values are measured through getting results that don’t compromise my benevolent behavior, and my steadfast integrity with any decision. As a manager with Kudler’s Fine Foods, I would use my own personal morals and values to achieve results for the organization while ensuring the vision, and social imprint remain at the forefront of the operation. According to Kudler’s Fine Foods social responsibility statement (2003), they use only the finest organic ingredients, and don’t add any unnecessary preservatives to their products. Kathy looks…show more content…
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