Personal Values and Business Protocol Essay

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Personal Values What are personal values? In my opinion, personal values are things that are instilled in individuals during childhood or adulthood, and are very important to whom we are as human beings. Unfortunately, the values we trust and live by, often conflicts with an organization’s business protocol. When exposed to situations that conflict with personal values, carefully analyze the situations to make ethical decisions. Initially, going against an organization’s “status quo” may be intimidating and challenging, but making decisions based on strong personal values usually net positive end results. Weighing the options and using common sense is key to successfully managing business protocol situations that conflict with personal values. Weigh The Options In my organization, we live by the motto, “Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence In All We Do”. This motto aligns perfectly with my personal values. Hence, I never envisioned being subjected to the challenges that many others encounter on a daily basis. Recently, I was asked to falsify official documents, which violates the organization’s policy, and definitely conflicts with my personal values. Confronted with this serious dilemma, I was forced to ask myself, “What do I believe is important in my job, and important in my life” (Pace, 2006, p. 10)? It was time for me to weigh all the options and rely on the values that govern my existence. The situation was immensely challenging, because disobeying a request from the “manager” could lead to acts of retaliation. After careful consideration and analysis, it was evident that upholding my personal values were more important than my job. I strongly believed the negative effects of my actions would outweigh any amount of good deeds done for the organization in the past. Most often, these types of situations are the norm in many
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