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Personal Values The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment grade for me was a C. A C falls under the guidelines that I am a person that believes that it is more important to be a good person than to just do good things. I found the assessment to be very accurate with me because I truly look at the intentions of a person and character of an individual. Being able to follow rules does not determine if a person is ethical or moral to me. You can train a monkey to press the right button or make the certain choice in a situation. A true measure of a persons ethics in my opinion is being able to make that tough decision of the greater good, self sacrifice, and making the right choice with no recognition or when no one is around. The assessment really was able to coin me because I strive for wisdom and integrity. I am more likely to break the rules if the morals are just in the situation. I don't just look at the wrapping paper around a present but instead I examine the contents overall. Virtue is a trait that I truly look for and value in a person. Such traits as honor and justice depending on how much they matter to an individual tells me more about their character and ethics. I think that all of these traits are important and should be valued but no where have a seen it valued outside of religion like it is in our Armed Forces. As a former Army reservist I can personally say that survival and shooting are not the foundation of training for them. Ethics and morals are the cornerstones in the Army and strives to make every soldier a better person mentally as well as physically. Kudler Fine Foods appears to value quality foods with customer service. I feel this is a great niche to market to the trend is to market cheap food to the masses. Kudler Fine Foods is okay with getting and obtaining that loyal customer base that does not mind paying

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