Personal Theory Paper: Counseling Integration

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Running head: COUNSELING INTEGRATION Personal Theory Paper: Counseling Integration George E. Lawrence Liberty University Abstract Counseling attempts to meet the needs of all people, of diverse nationalities, religion, personal beliefs and standards. One would debate that in Christian counseling should one embrace other techniques of assisting the clients outside of a biblical perspective or worldview. Counseling diverse counselees must consist of many methods to meet the needs of the client, using a comprehensive theory of counseling methods that include Biblical worldview, theology, psychology and spirituality with the proper weight of integration. In addition, not just including process of theory, but also the client’s personality, background, and behavior considered as the counselor thoroughly assess these variables of the clients would be vital for the success of counseling. Multi-tasking sought out to obtain the proper knowledge on various domains regarding illnesses which is such a broad area. The integration of psychology and theology along with multi-tasking has been researched and studied by a large number of authors and researchers. Regarding young and new counselors, these studies can help move them into this field more effectively in dealing with clients, psychology and theology. In the involvement of books, presentations, scholarly journals, and other studies, the opportunity to cultivate knowledge and broaden understanding, and develop skills that has open doors to new theories and processes allows counseling to be more concentric. The divers theories, ideals, processes discuss by various researchers are different and unique in their own way. The author of this writing believes in both applications of psychology and theology. The foundation is Theology, while much of the framework comes from psychology. This has paved the way for the
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