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Personal Theory Counseling Paper Tabitha L. Rue Liberty University Abstract The purpose of this paper is to evolve my own personal counseling style and theoretical orientation. This paper includes counseling theories that fit best with my own characteristics, experiences, values, and beliefs. My personal theory should emphasize the growth of a person and the ability to overcome struggles by looking to improve for the future. After studying the different theories, there are many that I would like to overlap in own counseling practice. Tough situations like growing up with two different parenting styles, going through a heart-breaking relationship, and having both parents go through cancer, has taught me that struggles placed in life are placed to help people get stronger and to be prepared for anything that comes in the future. People can learn from mistakes, more forwards with their life. I want my personal counseling theory to be based on that we cannot change the past, but we can improve the future. Personal Theory Paper Each counseling theory is not considered “right” or “wrong.” Each one has a different influence on the understanding of human behavior (Corey, 2013). After studying the different counseling theories, I have concluded that there are aspects of each one that I would like to include in my own theory. This paper describes the formation of my personal beliefs about behavior and change, personal theoretical orientation, application of theoretical orientation: crisis and consultation, and biblical integration through my own characteristics, experiences, values, and beliefs. Component # 1: Personal Beliefs About Human Nature Deterministic vs. free will Corey stated that the behaviorist’s view that “the person is the producer and the product of his or her own environment corresponds to my own beliefs” (p.250). I agree with Corey in

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