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Running head: Integrative Theory Paper Integrative Theory of Counseling from From a Christian Worldview LaVelle Figueroa Liberty University COUN 507 TD SO1 200640 Course Due date 10/18/09 Instructor Dr. Glenna Dunn Submission date: 10/ Abstract Personally, I believe that a comprehensive theory of counseling should integrate include psychology, theology and spirituality. As well a comprehensive theory of counseling must also address the major traits that constitute our personality. It also will help us understand the different types of personalities that exist and how they affect the behavior of our counselees’ so we aid their transformation process. Factors that cause illness are broad but through multitasking counselors can gain understanding in different domains. By using techniques from the psychological area in conjunction with theological truths while being cognizant of a person’s core spirit a therapist can combine all disciplines to help clients. Employing a Biblical worldview to counsel leads clients down the path of hope and change in Jesus Christ GRADING GUIDELINE FOR PERSONAL THEORY PAPER COUN 507/PACO 600 Theology and Spirituality in Counseling The following represents an additive template for grading. Instead of beginning with 100 and losing points for errors, you begin with a 0 and earn points for your work In determining your grade, three questions will be asked. QUESTION VALUES TOTAL 100 POINTS HOW DID IT RUN THE COURSE? Question Value: 35 Points • Submitted with correct cover sheet and/or title page followed by an Abstract, Table of Contents, with Grading Guideline for Personal Theory Paper correctly attached? Score: • Evidence of proof reading?

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