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All I want in life is too be successful. In order to be successful I must do a lot of things to better my life. My success plan starts off with school. I must always go to school prepared. This means remembering to do my homework, bring all my supplies, and get a good night’s sleep. In school I will try my hardest and always give one hundred and ten percent effort. I will try my hardest at everything in life but especially school. Studying and review at home is also a key to doing well in school. Also, I will take part in extracurricular events, such as clubs and sports. In and out of school I will surround myself with positive influences and try to make the right choices in life. Listening and being respectful to my teachers is also a must. The next thing I need to do to achieve success in life is go to college. I must find what interests me so that I can pick a major and know what I want to do in life. There are hundreds of different colleges to choose from so I must choose where to go and research what I need to do in order to get into that college. My SAT scores must be very good in order to get into college so I must study hard for this test. College is very expensive so I must plan and help my parents plan how to financially support the costs of college. I must stay focus when I go away to college and keep my priorities straight. Volunteering is a very good thing to do. I must start off by getting around twenty more hours to complete this program. I plan on doing this within the next few weeks. I also need hours to graduate from high school and to get accepted into college. For high school I need about ten more hours while for college I plan to get at least one hundred more hours. I like helping other very much. Volunteering is a great way to help out the community, meet new people, and helps you to stay out of trouble. When I volunteer I get a feeling of

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