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I want to specialise in International Banking and Finance Law because I find banking law as the most fascinating and attractive area in which I intend to prove myself as a lawyer. I believe International Banking and Finance Law in City University would provide me with a great opportunity to acquire profound knowledge in the different aspects of both banking and international corporate finance. I believe that the legal background I have been given during my undergraduate study, as well as my current study in Oxford Brookes University will be a valuable benefit in studying the legal issues of the International Banking and Finance Law in City University as a Master’s student. During my undergraduate study of Law at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) I have obtained the knowledge of the fundamental principles of International Public Law, the Russian legal system and the legal systems of foreign countries, including the UK in particular. By studying Civil and Trade Law of Russia and foreign countries, I had an opportunity to obtain an insight into the legislation of different countries and, therefore, to succeed in this area. Through the coursework concerning the IMF regulations, I gained an understanding of the global financial system, as well as through independent studies of the main principles of the Russian and European Banking Law. At the moment I am studying on the pre-Master’s course, Graduate Preparation Diploma in Oxford Brookes University, successful completion of which is equivalent to a level of approximately IELTS 6.5. By doing a wide variety of research, writing on different topics and working within a group over the last semester I have developed not only my academic English proficiency, but also had a unique opportunity to improve my ability to work in a team making group presentations. One of my achievements of the last

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